About Us

Teresa Grossnicklaus – Director

My name is Teresa Grossnicklaus and when I first began my research on cannabis it was something very close to my heart. I had been a fan of the effects at an early age and never really understood the stigma because the effects were normal in comparison to how I felt under the influence of alcohol.

It was four and a half years ago after my niece was diagnosed with brain cancer (Anaplastic Medulloblastoma with an amplified myc gene) that my heart shattered watching her begin her journey at the age of 6. It was after her first six weeks of both chemotherapy and proton radiation that due to a weakened immune system she developed shingles.

Shortly after being treated for shingles she went into her second round of chemo. This became the nightmare she had to endure at the age of seven, the combination of nerve damage from shingles and chemo would knock her to the ground in agony.

Neuropathy they called it “the attacks” were constant and were as frequent as every thirty minutes. They tried different medications, none worked and mostly she walked around an empty shell. Did I mention my heart shattered? Fast forward to a smiling little girl with zero attacks. A very happy little girl who finished treatment in Colorado. I vowed I would make a difference and my goal is to ensure what you put into your body is quality.

I knew this was a huge dream and too big of a project to tackle alone and who more can I trust than my daddy? Terry consulted me about his plans and we decided that a partnership was best for both of us to succeed in our business adventure. The three of us combined form T3 Cannivation. I can’t think of a better team and am adding a grower soon. I will be introducing her soon. Thank you Oklahoma for being the difference and refusing to accept an outdated stigma.

Teresa Grossnicklaus




Isidro Teran – Partner

Hello my name is Isidro Teran and I have been a resident of Oklahoma for the last 32 years.

I am a serious investor and businessman that believes in hard work and family. I along with my wife of 43 years have built several businesses and am currently owner and operator of Teran’s Mexican Restaurant December of 2001.

My dream was to build a life and live the American dream that so many are handed and take for granted. I grew up with nothing and have worked hard give my four daughters the life I never had and to build a future for my grandkids.

I never realized the medical benefits of cannabis and despite not being a user I watched what it did for my niece. I saw the faces of the suffering and I saw their relief. I want to be a part of something that makes a difference.





Jessi Walden – Grower

My name is Jessi Walden. I am a grower for the amazing company T3 Cannivation.

I’ve been a medical marijuana advocate for more than a decade. I have travelled and have built my knowledge in other states through some amazing people.

I have hands on experience as well as a decade of research and preparation in the mastery of growing high quality cannabis. Organic marijuana has helped prepare me for this opportunity to grow with the unstoppable T3 Cannivation company.

Teresa has put together a great team and I am more than confident in our ability to help the great people of Oklahoma get the medicine they need and deserve.

Being a part of this movement means a great deal to me having lost family to illnesses that I truly believe could have been helped had they had the access to this all natural medicine given to us by nature. I look forward to building my skill set and providing Oklahomans with the highest quality medicine!